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Top Signs You Finally Need to Replace Your AC Unit

Air Conditioner Maintenance

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Many homeowners start to think about their air conditioners as the weather gets warmer. Should they repair their current unit or replace it with a new one?

This can be a tough decision as there are multiple factors that you need to take into account. In this article, we will give you a guide on the signs that you should be replacing your AC unit.

Top Signs to Replace Your AC Unit

It’s important to be aware of the signs that your AC unit is nearing the end of its life. You can avoid an expensive repair bill by replacing it before it completely breaks down. Here are the top signs that you need to look out for:

1. Your AC Unit Is More than 10 Years Old

If your AC unit is more than 10 years old, it’s time to start thinking about replacing it. While AC units can last up to 15 years, they often experience problems after 10 years. 

2. Your Energy Bills Are Increasing

One of the first signs that your AC unit is failing is an increase in energy bills. If your energy bills are steadily increasing, even when you’re not using your AC unit more often, it’s a sign that your unit is working harder to cool your home. This decrease in efficiency will eventually lead to a complete breakdown.

3. Your AC Unit Isn’t Cooling Your Home

If your AC unit is no longer cooling your home effectively, it’s time to replace it. AC units usually lose their cooling power as they age, so you may need to adjust the thermostat to a lower temperature to keep your home cool. If you can’t keep your home cool, it’s time to replace your unit, even when you turn the thermostat down.

4. You Are Hearing Strange Noises

Another sign that you should replace your AC unit is if you notice strange noises. These noises may be a sign that it is on its last leg. Common noises that can indicate that your AC unit needs to be replaced include rattling, squealing, and hissing.

5. Your AC Unit Is Leaking

If your AC unit leaks water, it’s time to replace it. While it’s normal for AC units to drip water, it shouldn’t be dripping much water. If your AC unit is dripping a lot of water, it may have a problem with the condensate drain. If this is the case, you may be able to have the drain line cleaned, which will fix the problem. However, if the drain line is clogged, it may be a sign to finally say goodbye to your unit.

6. You’re Having Frequent Repairs

If you’ve had your AC unit for a few years and it’s starting to need frequent repairs, it’s a sign that it’s time to replace it. AC units that require frequent repairs are expensive to maintain and can also be a safety hazard. If you’re having frequent repairs, it’s time to replace your unit.


Knowing the signs that your AC unit may need to be replaced is important. These include a sudden increase in your energy bills, strange noises from the unit, or water leaks. If you notice any of these signs, it’s best to call a professional to take a look.

If you need an HVAC contractor in Fort Myers, Cape Coral, or Punta Gorda to repair your AC unit, you can contact us at Comfort Solutions. We offer reliable and efficient service for affordable prices. Get in touch with us to book an appointment.

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