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Top 7 HVAC Maintenance Tips to Prepare for the Fall Season

HVAC Maintenance

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It’s better to take preventative steps to ensure your heating and air conditioning system runs correctly before the weather gets too cold. This will avoid any expensive repairs or replacements that might need to be done if something goes wrong.

By taking some proactive steps, you can prevent many common HVAC problems. These steps will also help you troubleshoot issues should they arise.

1. Clean and Replace Air Filters 

It’s important to replace your air filter when it gets dirty because a dirty air filter can make your HVAC system less efficient. It’s generally recommended that you replace your air filter every month, especially when the seasons change. Replacing your air filter regularly can save you five to ten percent on your monthly energy bill.

2. Clean the Compressor Unit

Debris can build up around an outdoor compressor unit and block the airflow. To prevent this, remove any leaves, sticks, or trash stuck in the grill or under the unit. Turn off the power to the unit so you can also hose down the unit and compressor coils to remove dust, pollen, and dirt.

3. Protect the Unit from Bad Weather

Covering your air conditioner unit is unnecessary, although doing so may protect it from hail damage. However, covering the unit can attract small animals, which may take shelter there and chew on wires. Also, moisture can become trapped under the cover, leading to mold growth. If you have a heat pump, do not cover it.

4. Clean and Seal the Air Ducts

Ductwork sealing is important because it helps to prevent drafts and energy waste. Many homes have leaky air ducts that cause the home not to get cool or hot enough, so by sealing them, you can improve your home’s energy efficiency.

5. Test Your Heating Before Using It

To test if your furnace is working, turn the thermostat to the temperature that should engage the furnace. If the room heats up fairly quickly, then the furnace is working. If not, you may need to schedule a repair service. The first time you turn on the heat, there may be a strange odor that should eventually go away.

6. Get Your Professional HVAC Checked

Preventive maintenance for your HVAC system can help you save money by reducing the number of repair expenses you have. You can save money in the long run by being proactive and extending the life of your AC and dehumidifier.

7. Upgrade Your HVAC

If you think your HVAC system needs to be upgraded, fall is a good time to do it because contractors are usually less busy this season. You can follow the 5,000 rule to help you decide whether you should replace or repair your system. To use this rule, multiply your HVAC system’s age by the repair cost. If the total amount is more than $5,000, then replacement is likely the better option. Most HVAC systems can last for ten to 15 years with proper maintenance.


It is important to maintain your HVAC system to ensure it is running properly and efficiently. Performing regular maintenance will not only prolong the life of your system but will also save you money in the long run. 

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